Friday, July 04, 2008

Staying Alive in Retirement: Learn Something New: Ham Radio

Staying alive means more than just waking up in the morning still breathing. To me staying alive means to be engaged with life, my community, my family, and within my own brain. Today’s topic: Studying for and passing the Technician’s ham radio license. (Click title to learn more about studying for a beginning ham radio license.)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ladies Golf Clubs-Print

Ladies Golf Clubs-Print: "The rules of golf allow a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag when you are playing a game.Each club is designed for a different purpose and will hit the ball a different distance.

When you have used a club in practice, you will be aware of the distance you can hit the ball with that club. Also you will be aware of the hight of the ball, this is controlled by the angle of the club or the loft.

Most clubs can be identified by a number on the sole and a 7 iron will not hit as far as a 4 iron. Each club has it component parts. The rubber grip which can be any color, the shaft which is made out of either graphite or steel, and the club head which can be made of steel, tungsten or other alloys."(Click title link to read entire article about ladies golf clubs.)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Green Tea - Why Drink It?-Print

Green Tea - Why Drink It?-Print: "The most commonly drunk beverages today are water and green tea. Both of which are more often consumed than any other kind of beverage that you can think of. For many centuries now the Japanese and Chinese have realized the importance of including green tea in their dietary requirements. Although used for centuries in Chinese and Japanese cultures green tea has only recently been acknowledged by Western societies of being a beneficial substance for their health."(...Click title link to read entire article on the benefits of green tea...)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Articles Category: - Disease Prevention - Retirement Living Article Library

Articles Category: - Disease Prevention - Retirement Living Article Library: "Adult type 2 diabetes may be a lot more common than you think. There are three different kinds of diabetes. Type 1, type 2, and gestational. Slightly more than 1% of the population has type 2."(Click on title to read entire article about type 2 diabetes.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Aloe Vera: the Ancient Modern Wonder Treatment

Aloe Vera: the Ancient Modern Wonder Treatment: "Most people know that aloe vera can be used on skin cuts, abrasions, or sunburn. But did you know that it can also aid in healing your internal problems? There are some forgotten secrets to this ancient medicinal plant.

Many popular herbal remedies are derived from the aloe plant. Native to Africa, the aloe vera plant is also called the 'lily of the desert', 'plant of immortality' and, appropriately, 'medicine plant.' The bitter liquid that comes from the plant is the basis of the name 'alloeh', which translates in Arabic to 'bitter taste'."...(Click title link to see entire article.)...

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables: "Having your own vegetable patch or fruit garden was once commonplace, but fell out of favour as the food industry become more commercial and supermarkets began to take over. In recent years however, more and more people have started explore growing their own produce again. Here we give 5 reasons why you might consider starting your own kitchen garden."...(Click title link to see entire article.)...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ten Ways to Fight Identity Theft

Ten Ways to Fight Identity Theft: "Recent reports estimate that as many as one in ten of the population have been a victim of indentity theft, one of the fastest growing crimes of the last few years. By using a variety of means to usurp your identity and pass themselves off as you, the criminals involved go on to commit fraud and theft in your name - leaving you to pick up the pieces afterwards.

The effects on your credit rating can be devastating and often take years to completely fix, so prevention is obviously better than cure. Here are ten simple ways to help you avoid becoming a victim."...(Click title link to see entire article.)...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reasons to Have a Home Business

Reasons to Have a Home Business: "Many people, today are opting to work from home either part time or fulltime. Due to the computer and the internet there are many options available to choose from. Many large companies allow individuals to represent their company and products from the comfort of their home. This enables almost anyone on a limited budget to start a home-based business at an affordable price. As long as you own a PC with access too the web you can easily choose from a variety of internet businesses.

Nonetheless, deciding on what home based opportunity to select from can become a bit hard because of the many options available. It's actually a matter of selecting a home based venture that is attractive to you, since ultimately the number one goal is to make a significant income. The question then is, what is the action necessary to find a business that fits you best?"...(Click title link to see entire article.)...