Monday, November 06, 2006

Writing Large Differently

Writing Large Differently: "I’ve just finished a major writing project. A kind of writing that I’d never done before: I created a script for a DVD. This was a part of a larger project I served as Director.

As an active member of my community, I’d seen several proposals for promotional DVD’s or video programs be proposed over the years. A hand would then be extended for a substantial advance payment, “for expenses”, some “busy activity”, and no final result. No hold-in-your-hand product that actually did anything to promote the community, or the larger area.

Times change. The technology for production of such material is more available today than ever. More and more people are learning through the use of their own home computers and available software how to go about assembling a combination of still pictures, video, and sound tracks."...(Click title link to see entire article.)...


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